How to Keep Your Greenhouse Nice and Warm in the Winter

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As the warm sunny days of summer start to come to an end and the nights start to become cooler, keeping your greenhouse at the right temperature for your plants gets more and more difficult.

Greenhouse plants will die if they are subjected to temperatures below freezing, so it is very important to keep your greenhouse warm throughout the winter.    The very chilly winters which the UK has been experiencing over the last three years have made maintaining a greenhouse quite a costly feat. In order to have a successful greenhouse gardeners have resorted to clever tricks to save on fuel whenever possible.

Here are some tips for keeping your greenhouse nice and warm during the wintertime so that your greenhouse plants will be able to thrive:

  • First of all, ensure that your greenhouse is placed in an ideal location in your garden. It should receive as much sun as possible, so being placed against a south-facing wall is ideal.
  • It should also be protected from wind by fencing and other structures, so that the wind will not pull the heat away from it.
  • Is your greenhouse tightly sealed? All windows, vents, doors and other openings should be kept shut at all times so that heat will not escape through them.
  • During the winter you can prevent your greenhouse from losing heat by adding weather stripping to the doors and the vents. These are rubber seals which form an air-tight barrier and prevent the warm air from escaping.
  • Of course, don’t forget to insulate the walls of your greenhouse, especially the north wall as it will be the coolest.
  • Another thing that you can do is to find a black barrel and fill it with water and then leave it in the sun all day. The sun’s rays will warm the water and then you can place it in your greenhouse at night to radiate the heat.
  • Another clever tip that you might not have heard of is to use the hose from your tumble dryer. If the greenhouse is located next to the house you could place the tumble dryer’s output into the greenhouse. This is a way of recycling the warm air that your clothes dryer emits and reducing the cost of heating your greenhouse in the winter.

These are just a few ways that you can keep your greenhouse nice and warm during the winter so that your plants will survive until next spring!


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