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No Squirrels Allowed


It might seem counterintuitive, but some of the best ways that you can help nature flourish in your garden is to make use of advanced technology. If you want to make your garden a haven for wildlife, get yourself some of these cool nature-friendly gadgets.

A Squirrel-Unfriendly Bird Feeder
You might think that a bird feeder will attract birds to your garden and give them some much-needed nutrition. Unfortunately, many people find that the birds are scared off as squirrels make themselves at home on the feeder.

While squirrels can be cunning,  bird-lovers are fighting back with specially designed bird feeders. These bird feeders can detect the weight of the visitor, and when a heavy squirrel plops itself down for a meal, the feeder reacts.

Some simply close off the squirrel’s  access to food until it gets bored and leaves, while others begin to spin until the confused squirrel falls off. Better still, these feeders can help with rat control, as these vermin are also heavy enough to trigger a response.


To really make your bird-friendly attractive, place it in a secluded area of the garden where the birds will not be disturbed, and keep an eye on them with a wi-fi camera set-up.


Nest Boxes with Built-in Cameras
Okay, so the camera doesn’t  necessarily benefit the wildlife at all, but the integrated nest box cameras that are available today are pretty cool. Whether you want to have a sneak peek at the inhabitants or not, nest boxes are a must for any garden that wants to be a home for wildlife. You can provide a safe place for birds, bats, and small mammals to chill out and raise their families. If you’re the kind of person who won’t be able to resist disturbing the nest for a quick peek, then a nest box with a camera is a must-have, or all your good work in providing a safe space will be undone &  you might even cause the parents to abandon their offspring!


Of course, sometimes low-tech solutions are the best. If you really want to attract wildlife to your garden, the best thing you can do is let it get a little bit messy. Even one corner of your garden that you allow to grow wild can serve as a great habitat for insects and attract the birds and animals that feed from them.  Thick undergrowth or piles of old logs also serve as a handy safehouse from marauding cats and predatory birds, as well as making wildlife feel safer, as they know they will have a secure hiding place to retreat to if they happen to see you in the garden.


This guest post contributed by Stephanie, a technology enthusiast, with special interest in humane rat control and other everyday uses of technology.

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